09.07.20 | United We Strip

A sexy online cabaret featuring Berlin’s most outrageous performers and their gorgeous special guests!

Hot on the heels of their sell-out show, the Berlin Strippers Collective return for ‘United We Strip’ – a sexy online Berlin cabaret featuring the Collective’s outrageous performers and their glamorous special guests!

This sister*hood of Berlin strippers are all about empowering each other through unity and championing diversity. The Collective have curated a sexy mix of stunning strip shows, seductive dancers and raunchy comedy from the comfort of your couch.

The show promises an immersive experience with the opportunity for viewers to interact with performers, go behind the curtain and peep into the secret lives of the sauciest sirens on the Berlin strip scene. They have planned a party like no other with fun interactive games and tantalising competitions.



  • Edie “The Biblical Stripper” welcomes you to her ‘Garden of Edien’ where you will discover what really went down between Adam and Eve.
  • Fiery Fifi is bringing a sensual twist with fire flow arts that will ignite your primal desires.
  • Sultry Suki’s sexy shadow dance paints the silhouette of a temptress who will have you longing for more.
  • Mia is bringing queer icon Charlotte von Mahlsdorf to life in her ‘Stripperature’ show, with a stripper twist to the theatre play “I Am My Own Wife”.
  • Trixie “The Twilight Temptress” and Josie “The Wild Witch” are a dynamic exotic floor-play dance duo exploring the relationship between Dominant and Submissive.
  • “The Real First Lady” Chiqui Love is a very convincing doppleganger for melania trump with extra sass, serving trump’s head for your sheer delight.
  • Our avant-garde show includes special guest performers:

> Live from London, the incredible Sasha Diamond and Jeanie will be working the pole for your pleasure.

> James Hudson will be lighting up the pole and burning down the establishment with nothing to lose but his clothes.

> Hosted by the outrageous performance artist Iffy, presenting with zany character comedy interludes.


Join us on Thursday 9th July for the most titillating lap dance you’ve ever had via your laptop! Profits will be split between all of the performers who are still without work due to the pandemic.

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