Life Drawing


When the art of drawing meets the art of Striptease

The concept was developed by the East London Strippers Collective, a bunch of feisty feminists, fiercely independent women, who also happen to be strippers. They aim at shattering stereotypes and challenging stigma, whilst improving their own working conditions.

We have joined the mission and created the Berlin Strippers Collective.
By organizing our own events and inviting diverse audiences, we want to challenge preconceptions, as well as sharing our love for sensual movement and sky-high heels with people who might not be drawn to strip clubs in the first place.

Our sessions are performances spaces in which we welcome professional artists, designers, sketchers, illustrators, animators, doodlers, students and first-timers alike. Just bring yourself, your pencils and tools and your best mood, we will provide you some sexy sassy poses.

Our Life Drawing sessions are held twice a month and spots are limited. Check out all the details by subscribing to our newsletter and send an E-Mail with your name to

How it works

The first section of the event is called strip-freeze, an intense warm-up for the class: our dancer will perform a striptease routine made by pole-tricks on the stage, then will freeze for you in a one-two minute pose.
The second section follows a more traditional pattern with poses of five, ten and fifteen minutes.


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