Alice la Douce

Alice la Douce has been performing on the pole for three years now. She started to dance when she turned 3 and attended musical school to become a choreographer. She has travelled to different countries to work as a choreographer before moving to Berlin to dance, model and work as a hair stylist.

After an unlucky burn-out phase, Alice took the chance to fill in for a friend at a strip club. Before this night she had never been to a strip club ever in her life and had the worst thoughts about this job, like many people still do unfortunately. She was expecting this job to be much worse than it was, but was amazed to find that all the girls she worked with were actually professional dancers and really fucking nice! She sees them as self-confident women who find self-affirmation in who they are and what they do and have become her closest friends now.

Being a stripper was the best thing that could come Alice’s way after a hard phase of depression. She was about to give herself up when the pole found her, lifted her back up into the sky and a helped her find self-confidence, hope and courage again.

For Alice la Douce, dancing on the vertical pole is so feminine and hot because she can live out her inner sexy beast…and damn every girl has this side! This dark side that she might show off in front of people or just secretly alone in front of the mirror, hoping that nobody sees her acting like she wants to be right now…