Photo credit: Anne Lomberg

Alice Lynx

Who the fuck is Alice? A dancing queen and performing prince. By identifying themself as non-binary, they step out of the stamp models of gender roles and enter into a world of choice and freedom.

Alice adores being on stage and by using voice and movement they wish to create a philosophically erotic experience that can be consumed with eyes, mind, heart and soul. They usually move to techno music which fits well with their robust sexuality and brings out qualities they want to express. A quote from other dancers from the club: “Whenever I hear techno music playing, I don’t need to check who’s on stage because I know it’s Alice”.

They joined Berlin Strippers Collective during lockdown in spring 2020 and are finding ways to become more independent and political in a field full of stigmas and exploitation.

If Alice is not working, training or educating themself on feminism and dance, they are probably praying to the moon and doing witchcraft. Healthy body = healthy mind.