Chiqui started working on the East London strip pub circuit in 2002.

Chiqui is inspired by the Latin American Vedettes, carnival queens, the theatricality of drag queen shows and many other vibrant genres of performance art.

Her love for pole dancing developed early on in her career and she became a pioneer in taking the art of pole dancing out of the strip pubs and on to many other public platforms.

Chiqui has performed at a variety of international music and art festivals with shows that are a mix of burlesque, comedy, and raunchy striptease. In 2006, Chiqui won the coveted “Stripper of the Year” award at the Erotic Awards, an annual fundraising event in aid of ‘The Outsiders Trust’ – a charity that offers support on relationships, sexuality, dating and sexual services to people with disabilities.

The change in licensing legislation for strip venues in the UK meant that there was a sharp decrease in the number of places where strippers could work with a level of dignity. This inspired Chiqui and her peers to create the ‘East London Strippers Collective’ with the aim of combating the stigma and negative stereotypes about strippers, and produce a variety of events that were sensual, inclusive, and respectful to those working within the industry.

Chiqui is currently one of the founding members of the Berlin Strippers Collective, where her work as an organiser and performer continues to grow. Her aims are to bridge strippers from all over the world to unite in sisterhood and demand better working conditions.