First and third Photo by Ida Marie Tangeras / @idatangeraas  


They say red hair means trouble. And they are right. Edie is a hardcore ecofeminist and reckless rascal with a rockstar syndrome, who found her therapy in dancing.

She was always the one who ended up dancing on the table at house parties, until at some point she decided that hey – she should get paid for it. She learnt quickly to climb a pole and to walk in high heels, and she started to observe society and its members playing with money, power games and sexuality. Edie is not just a dancer, she is a writer as well, and stripping became a well of inspiration for her stories.

Tired of experiencing injustice at work, willing to deliver her feminist message, and needing to express her creative side and her love for performing, she became one of the founding members of the Berlin Strippers Collective.

When life gives Edie lemons, she makes lemonade with it. And then she adds some vodka.