Photo credit 2nd photo: Roni Lugassi


Fifi, (yes like a poodle); is a woman of many different facets and talents. As happy in luxurious lace lingerie, strutting about in 8” pleasers, as she is covered in dirt, sitting around a campfire in a field. She questions whether you can judge a book by it’s cover, or a someone by their job.

A dancer for 12 years, Fifi learned the ropes (or should that be pole?) in the stripclubs of Glasgow. An often cold and harsh place, with warm people, wicked humour and strong drinks. Stripping afforded her an opportunity to break free from the small town she grew up in, her socio-economic background and the restraints of society. A way to have more freedom, time and autonomy to learn and adventure. Allowing a nomadic lifestyle to explore and experience; not only the physical world but also her internal world (in a spiritual sense, get your mind out from the gutter). She has lived, loved and worked in many places, inc. the UK, Aus, the States, NZ and now finds her heart and home in Berlin.

Involved with the collective since it’s early days, Fifi is motivated and empowered by the aspects of creative cooperation and collaboration. Being part of a self organised, feminist community with more autonomy and choice in who/why we work with/for. To place to bring our collective voices to the ‘stage’ – to fight against stigma and misinformation.

Fifi wants to show that we can be empowered sexual ‘subjects’, not only sexual ‘objects’. That there is a fierce freedom in being able to embody nudity and movement without shame and in this we can reclaim our power in sex and sensuality. She feels dance is a form of ‘Sema’; an active meditation and a way to connect with herself, others and the world.

In the collective she has found community and peers with the same fierce attitude, motivations and radical goals. Her inspiration, her friends and her emotional support clowns.🤡💖