Fifi (Aka; Georgie/Hayley/Sienna) I have found in dancing, desire and sexuality, a powerful active meditation, a therapy and a connection to myself and others. Naked love. I love to hear people’s kinks, fantasies and perversions. To find out what makes people hot. I first started stripping in Scotland 12 years ago and have since lived and danced across the world including; Australia, USA, NZ and now I make home in Berlin. I value all the beautiful-bad-ass-bitches I have met in backstage change rooms, of clubs across the world. Friends and lovers. The sisterhood. Collective community.. I’m thankful that stripping has afforded me more personal autonomy, financial freedom, time and space; to travel, educate myself and create a life I choose. Things that I value deeply. I also like twirling upside down on the pole, wearing cute lingerie and showing people my assh*le. Late nights, shitty management and mean customers piss me off. If you go to a stripclub; be nice, smell good and TIP HER 🙌✨