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Ivy is known in the collective for her effortlessly smooth and graceful pole flow alongside her design skills. See that hot pink dollar note in the g string of one of our members at an event? Ivy designed it!

Ivy has been pole dancing since she was sixteen, although the context was very different to what it is to her now. It was done barefoot and called pole fitness. She later became an instructor at the very same place where she had started her first pole fitness lessons.

What started as a sport evolved into a fullfilling creative pursuit in dance. Eventually she graduated to her pleasers and became a pole dance teacher herself. Years later and much to her own surpise, she finds herself at home on stage. A dancer and performer, loving every minute.

Within the Berlin Strippers Collective, Ivy is excited about the unforseeable opportunies we have encountered and what is on the horizon. As a commuity supporting one another and, in turn, as individuals. Ivy sees a future of growth and development – politically, personally, emotionally and