Photo credits: Megan Auer/IG:@auermegan, Ellen Ericsson/, Roni Lugassi/IG:@ronilugassi


josie j fox is an unassuming, sassy stage quing. Their classical dance training and (nearly crippling) curiosity to ‘try everything at least once’ is the short of how josie j became a stripper. The political stripper in josie was not awakened until they joined the Collective nearly one year ago. The message of BSC excites and galvanizes josie to expand their knowledge and use their privileges to help in the beautiful fight and movement for SW.

When Mx. fox is not learning more about how to smash the patriarchy, they are usually performing, teaching or creating! Their performances are theatrical, clever, skilled and fast immer include a splash of humour. They teach dance, pole and flexibility or help lead bdsm workshops in and around berlin (or online, cuz #rona) ..Speaking of which, the surprising turn of events of 2020 have played a major role in fuelling josie j’s creativity. The Collective and its spectacular members inspire josie and give them a space to continue creating, pushing and evolving.