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The second photo is by Anne Lomberg  


Queer, loud, passionate and quirky; Mia always felt like a misfit, until she encountered the sex worker community. Before becoming a stripper herself, she felt welcome and found a second family with the members of the collective. Performing is a learning process for Mia, by dancing on stage she expresses herself in ways she didn’t think possible. And she loves every part of it. On the other hand, she is a natural communicator, feeling in her element in front of an audience. Her skills as a writer and background as a convinced feminist since she was merely 10 make her shape and share the vision of the Berlin Strippers Collective with confidence. Mia believes in the importance of the ideological and political struggle of sex workers, being part of a self-organised collective embodies that fight for her. She is a lover of the nightlife in Berlin, and like many night creatures, she feels sexually empowered and liberated in this scene.