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Photos by Suky / IG: @polearoiidz


Vivi Sugar: Causing toothaches since day 1.

Vivi as in vivacious, vibrant and voluptuous – She is bendy, bubbly and bouncy – moreover, she has big boobs! 💕Vivi is made of splenda, spice and everything both naughty and nice. Her spontaneous exhibitionist tendencies, her flare for the dramatic, and her oh so sweet smile will send you directly to the land of horny unicorns and cotton candy.

Vivi has a background in theater, dance and gymnastics, which she playfully brings to her performances. Her stage style is full of kitsch, character and cartwheels! When she dances, her joy is infectious and fills the room. Vivi only ever gets salty when she is fighting for what is right! Her involvement in the collective has gifted her a chance to do just that& she is very grateful for her continued growth within the group.

✔ Likes: musical theater, dried fruit, the number 3, books, intersectional feminist podcasts, being naked

❌Dislikes: processed sugar, white supremacists, patriarchal capitalism, walnuts, her reoccurring impostor syndrom