Stripper Stories

Sharp high-sky heels, provocative lingerie, deep curved eyelashes and lips as red as ripe apples. We walk among you, but we rarely disclose what we do. Even more rarely do we share what it’s really like to reveal our bodies for paying strangers as they reveal their oddest quirks and share their deepest confessions.

Tonight we do want to share more than our bodies. Through a combination of short stories and sexy pole performances, we will take you inside and backstage.

Ever wondered how we drink all night and still walk in eight-inch heels? Why so many of our clients are women? What really happens behind the curtains of a stag party? We will share all that, but also intimate insights and reflections about our work that we normally keep to ourselves.

Come experience a lap dance that goes through your ears and tickles your mind. Come ready to laugh, be moved, and get to know the people behind the flashy facade. You have never seen striptease like this.

Photos by @manoloty


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