A sexy reading group for women, femmes, and thems. An occasion to discuss feminist texts whilst wearing your favorite lingerie.

Stripperature wants to fight the stigma that implies sexiness and culture are polar opposites. In a patriarchal society, everything that represents the feminine is deemed as superficial and not taken seriously or stigmatized. Women* and femmes are expected to be either sexy or smart, but never both at the same time. In order to fit the paradigm of intelligence, society tells us to cover our bodies. In order to express empowerment, it imposes us the stereotypically masculine way of being. In conclusion, in order to be taken seriously, do not dare to appear sexual.

Stripperature wants to be a spark to the female* revolution, a space where everybody can be sexy and smart at the same time, or as they wish. This is going to be a journey through pages, discussions, bodies and sensuality.

Come join our reading group and don’t forget to bring your favorite lingerie. Be sexy and be smart.

A Stripperature Club, because strippers can read!

Photos by Laszlo Kovacs


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